Started in 2023, IsItPetFriendly.com now reaches over 2,000 readers a day

Hi there! I’m Ramis Kalkan, the founder and creator of IsItPetFriendly.com. As an avid pet lover and proud fur-parent, I understand the challenges and joys of exploring new places with our four-legged friends. My passion for pets and the desire to make their lives better led me to create this platform, where pet owners can find the perfect pet-friendly spots for their next adventure.

With a background in web development and a keen eye for detail, I have combined my love for pets and my technical expertise to provide an easy-to-use, comprehensive resource for pet owners everywhere. My mission is to help fellow pet enthusiasts discover the best pet-friendly locations, from local parks to luxurious hotels, so they can create unforgettable memories with their furry companions.

When I’m not scouting new pet-friendly locations or updating the website, you can find me exploring local trails and parks with my own beloved dog -Lisa-, capturing our adventures through photography, or volunteering at animal shelters to give back to the community. I’m committed to making the world a more pet-friendly place, one location at a time.

Join me on this journey and let’s make IsItPetFriendly.com the go-to resource for pet owners everywhere!

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