300+ Black Dog Names: Ideas for Naming Your New Dog

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Black dogs are a popular choice for pet owners, and finding the perfect name for your furry friend can be just as important as choosing the breed. With so many options available, deciding on the perfect name for your black dog can be overwhelming. Fortunately, various resources are available to help you choose a name that suits your pet’s personality and appearance.

A quick online search will reveal numerous lists of black dog names, ranging from traditional options to more unique and creative choices. Some popular themes for black dog names include nature, literature, and pop culture references. It’s important to choose a name that is easy to pronounce and remember, as well as one that your dog responds to. Additionally, consider the meaning behind the name, as this can add an extra layer of significance to your pet’s identity.

Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your dog’s sleek black coat, or one that highlights their unique personality traits, there are plenty of options to choose from. With a little research and creativity, you can find the perfect name for your black dog that will suit them for years to come.


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Male Black Dog Names

Here are 20 unique names for male black dogs:

  • Ebony: Meaning ‘deep black wood’, it’s a classic choice for a black dog.
  • Midnight: This name is reminiscent of the deep black of the late-night sky.
  • Shadow: Perfect for a black dog with a quiet, calm demeanor.
  • Onyx: A beautiful black gemstone.
  • Charcoal: A quirky and cute name that perfectly describes a black coat.
  • Mamba: Named after the black mamba snake, known for its dark color.
  • Guinness: After the dark Irish stout.
  • Cinder: Like the black remnants of a roaring fire.
  • Panther: A powerful name for a strong black dog.
  • Vader: As in Darth Vader, a great name for Star Wars fans.
  • Obsidian: After the dark volcanic glass.
  • Raven: A beautiful blackbird, it’s a strong name for a black dog.
  • Moor: A term used to describe dark, swampy areas.
  • Jet: Like the black gemstone or fast plane.
  • Ink: For a dog as black as a night sky or ink.
  • Graphite: A dark mineral and a unique name for a black dog.
  • Nero: The word for ‘black’ in Italian. – (Check our Italian Dog Names article!)
  • Poe: As in Edgar Allan Poe, is known for his dark tales.
  • Blackjack: A fun and playful name.
  • Mystery: For a dog with a black coat as deep and inscrutable as a mystery.


Each of these names offers a different way to celebrate your dog’s dark and beautiful coat.

Female Black Dog Names

I apologize for that. Here are 20 unique names for female black dogs that have not been mentioned before:

  • Sable: Meaning ‘black’ in some languages, it’s a unique and pretty name.
  • Java: A playful nod to the deep, dark color of coffee.
  • Coco: For a dog with a coat as rich as cocoa.
  • Nightshade: This name carries an air of mystique and beauty.
  • Jetta: Inspired by the jet-black gemstone.
  • Elvira: The name of the famous Mistress of the Dark, it’s perfect for a black dog.
  • Dusk: An evocative name inspired by the black of twilight.
  • Vanta: Short for Vantablack, one of the darkest substances known to man.
  • Morticia: A quirky and fun name for fans of The Addams Family.
  • Bella: Meaning ‘beautiful’ in Italian – because black is beautiful!
  • Olive: Dark like black olives, it’s a cute name for a small black dog.
  • Dahlia: A dark, beautiful flower.
  • Raisin: An adorable name for a small, dark dog.
  • Inky: This could be a perfect name if your dog’s fur is black as ink.
  • Pepper: For the black dog with a bit of spice in her personality.
  • Liquorice: A sweet name for a black dog, after the black candy.
  • Phantom: For the mysterious, elusive black dog.
  • Vesper: Meaning ‘evening’ in Latin, it reflects the darkness of night.
  • Selena: Greek goddess of the moon, often depicted in black.
  • Taboo: For the black dog that is enchantingly offbeat.


Remember, the best name for your dog is one that fits her personality, regardless of the color of her coat.

Unique Black Dog Names

Sure thing! Here are 20 unique names for black dogs:

  • Graphene: A sleek name inspired by the super strong, black material.
  • Mystique: For the dog with a black coat and a mysterious charm.
  • Stygian: Refers to something incredibly dark, also related to the River Styx from Greek mythology.
  • Eclipse: When the moon hides the sun, casting a shadow on Earth.
  • Fable: Because every dog has its own unique story.
  • Crescent: A reference to the dark, shadowed portion of the moon.
  • Silhouette: After the dark, outlined figure or image.
  • Soot: Perfect for a black dog with a playful and energetic personality.
  • Gothic: An atmospheric and romantic name, suited for a black dog.
  • Nimbus: After dark rain clouds.
  • Opal: Though opals are often multi-colored, black opals are some of the most beautiful and valuable.
  • Umbra: The Latin word for ‘shadow’, perfect for a dark-furred pup.
  • Poe: After Edgar Allan Poe, renowned for his dark and mysterious tales.
  • Solstice: The longest night of the year.
  • Absinthe: The dark and mysterious drink.
  • Hades: The Greek god of the Underworld.
  • Cipher: Something secret or unreadable, like a dog’s mind.
  • Requiem: A name with a dark, romantic charm.
  • Cosmic: For the dog whose dark coat reminds you of the night sky.
  • Voodoo: Because there’s something magical about a black dog.


Each of these names is distinct and carries a reference to darkness or blackness, perfect for a black dog.

Common Black Dog Names

Here are 20 common names for black dogs that haven’t been mentioned previously:

  • Bear: For a big black dog with a bear-like appearance.
  • Ace: The ace of spades is black, making this a great name for a black dog.
  • Raven: Named after the blackbird.
  • Bandit: A common name for black dogs, perhaps because of the black “mask” many have around their eyes.
  • Lucky: Black cats are considered lucky in some cultures, which could also apply to black dogs.
  • Smokey: A great name for a black dog, after the dark smoke.
  • Ash: Like the remains of a fire.
  • Oreo: A fun name for a black and white dog, like the favorite cookie.
  • Rex: Latin for ‘king,’ this name suits a noble black dog.
  • Shadow: Perfect for a black dog with a quiet, calm demeanor.
  • Coal: A dark mineral and a suitable name for a black dog.
  • Pepper: For the black dog with a bit of spice in her personality.
  • Gotham: Like the home city of the Dark Knight, Batman.
  • Batman: Speaking of which, this superhero’s name is a fun choice for a black dog.
  • Stormy: For the black dog who’s a force of nature.
  • Midnight: For the dog as dark as the night sky.
  • Blackie: A traditional name for black pets.
  • Stout: Like the rich, dark beer.
  • Puma: After the black wild cat.
  • Panther: A powerful name for a strong black dog.


These names are classic choices for black dogs, and they’re also pretty common, so you may encounter other dogs with the same names at the dog park!

Cute Black Dog Names

  • Doodle: An adorable name that can be used for any playful and lively black dog.
  • Muffin: For the black dog who is as sweet and cute as a muffin.
  • Beanie: Reminiscent of a cute little black bean or a snug black beanie hat.
  • Inky: An adorable choice for a small black dog.
  • Squiggles: This cute and playful name is great for a bouncy black pup.
  • Twilight: A sweet name that brings to mind the dusky beauty of twilight hours.
  • Pepper: This spice is often black and is a cute choice for a small, feisty dog.
  • Coco: A short, sweet name that’s reminiscent of dark cocoa.
  • Puddles: A cute and fun name, perfect for a black dog that loves water.
  • Jellybean: Black jellybeans can be a love-it-or-hate-it candy, but Jellybean is an undeniably cute dog name.
  • Raven: This bird has beautiful black feathers and can be a cute name for a black dog.
  • Jujube: Named after the small, dark candies.
  • Pumpernickel: A type of dark bread, this name is as cute as it is unique.
  • Binky: A playful, endearing name for a black dog.
  • Sooty: For a dog that has a coat as black as soot.
  • Pipsqueak: A term of endearment for a small person, or in this case, a small dog.
  • Choco: A sweet and cute name for a dog with a coat the color of chocolate.
  • Biscuit: Biscuits can be dark, and this can be a cute name for a small, lovable black dog.
  • Panda: This adorable animal can be a great namesake for a black dog.
  • Truffle: Dark, delicious, and a perfect name for a black dog.

These names are perfect for capturing the cuteness and charm of your black dog.

Black Dog Names Inspired by Nighttime and Darkness

Here are 20 names inspired by the nighttime and darkness:

  • Evening: A serene time of day when the sky darkens.
  • Twilight: The time of day when the sky is a mix of light and darkness.
  • Starlight: A whimsical name inspired by the light of distant stars.
  • Dream: The mysterious process that occurs during a deep sleep.
  • Solstice: The shortest day and longest night of the year.
  • Comet: These celestial bodies have a dark nucleus and only become illuminated when they’re near the sun.
  • Ebon: An old English term for ‘black.’
  • Nebula: A dark interstellar cloud in outer space.
  • Lunar: Relating to the moon, which can often appear black in the sky.
  • Zodiac: The circle of star constellations observed in the night sky.
  • Nocturne: A musical composition that is inspired by, or evocative of, the night.
  • Orion: A prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world.
  • Galaxy: A large system of stars, dark matter, and dust that are held together by gravitational forces.
  • Nova: A star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then gradually fades to its original intensity.
  • Meteor: A small body of matter from outer space that enters the earth’s atmosphere, appearing as a streak of light.
  • Polaris: Also known as the North Star, a beacon in the night sky.
  • Eclipse: A celestial event that occurs when one object is temporarily obscured by another.
  • Cosmo: Short for cosmos, the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.
  • Aurora: The natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky, usually near the northern or southern magnetic pole.
  • Astra: A Latin word meaning ‘stars.’

These names inspired by nighttime and darkness could provide a great match for a black dog.

Food-Inspired Black Dog Names

Absolutely! Here are 20 food-inspired names for black dogs:

  • Truffle: After the rich, black fungi.
  • Licorice: A black sweet treat, perfect for a sweet black dog.
  • Espresso: A strong, dark coffee. Great for an energetic black pup.
  • Blackberry: A sweet name for a black dog, named after the dark fruit.
  • Caviar: This luxurious black food makes for a sophisticated dog name.
  • Raisin: Named after the dried, dark grape. Suitable for a small, sweet dog.
  • Balsamic: After the dark, flavorful vinegar.
  • Soy Sauce: An essential dark condiment in Asian cuisine.
  • Oreo: After the favorite black and white cookie.
  • Molasses: A thick, dark syrup that is sweet and sticky.
  • Pumpernickel: A type of dark, slightly sweet rye bread from Germany.
  • Chipotle: A smoked, dried jalapeno pepper, often used in dark, rich sauces.
  • Cola: A dark fizzy beverage.
  • Beluga: After the black beluga lentils.
  • Kalamata: A type of black olive, great for a Greek dog.
  • Portobello: After the dark, meaty mushroom.
  • Marmite: The divisive black yeast extract spread, is perfect for a dog with a strong personality.
  • Fudge: A rich and dark sweet treat.
  • Ganache: A glaze, icing, sauce, or filling for pastries, made from chocolate and cream.
  • Brownie: A dark, baked dessert, perfect for a sweet, lovable dog.

Each of these names has a unique character and offers a fun and creative way to celebrate your dog’s dark and beautiful coat.

Nature-Inspired Black Dog Names

Here are 20 nature-inspired names for black dogs:

  • Coal: A black fossil fuel that forms from plant remains.
  • Storm: A turbulent natural event, often bringing dark clouds.
  • Ash: The residue left after a fire, perfect for a dog with a smoky black coat.
  • Pine: After the dark tree bark.
  • Thorn: A sharp protective spine of a plant, dark in color.
  • Slate: A fine-grained, dark gray rock.
  • Flint: A hard type of rock often dark gray or black.
  • Canyon: Inspired by the deep, dark crevices found in nature.
  • Tarmac: Another word for asphalt, usually black or dark grey.
  • Pebble: Small stones that can come in various dark shades.
  • Thunder: The sound that accompanies lightning during a storm.
  • Drizzle: Light rain falling in very fine drops.
  • Falcon: After the bird of prey that can have dark feathers.
  • Obsidian: A naturally occurring black volcanic glass.
  • Rook: A large, black bird from the crow family.
  • Basalt: A common extrusive igneous rock formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava.
  • Cormorant: A type of bird often with black feathers.
  • Jet: A type of lignite used for its deep black color.
  • Hawthorn: A type of tree often with dark bark and berries.
  • Shale: A type of sedimentary rock that can be dark gray to black.

Each of these names reflects something unique and dark from nature, making them perfect for a black dog.

Here are 20 names inspired by popular culture and fiction:

  • Darth: After Darth Vader, a famous character from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Batman: The dark knight himself, from DC Comics.
  • Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, a classic gothic TV character.
  • Wednesday: After Wednesday Addams, a character from the Addams Family.
  • Voldemort: The antagonist of the Harry Potter series, known for his dark magic.
  • Maleficent: The iconic villainess from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  • Dracula: The famous vampire from Bram Stoker’s novel.
  • Grimm: As in the Brothers Grimm, who wrote many dark fairy tales.
  • Morpheus: The god of dreams in Greek mythology, often depicted as a shadowy figure. Also a character from The Matrix.
  • Raven: Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, and also a character from the DC universe.
  • Cruella: The antagonist from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, known for her black and white style.
  • Kylo: After Kylo Ren, another Star Wars character associated with the dark side.
  • Morticia: The matriarch of the Addams Family.
  • Shadow: The mysterious and loyal dog from the Homeward Bound movies.
  • Poe: After Edgar Allan Poe, the American writer known for his macabre and horror stories.
  • Vader: Another nod to Star Wars’ Darth Vader.
  • Othello: The tragic hero from Shakespeare’s play, who is a Moor, typically portrayed as a black man.
  • Ursula: The sea witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, known for her dark magic.
  • Snape: The ambiguous character from Harry Potter, who is aligned with the dark but ultimately helps the light.
  • Salem: The black cat from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

These names are inspired by popular culture and fictional characters known for their darker side or their association with black or darkness.

Gemstone and Mineral-Inspired Black Dog Names

Here are 20 gemstone and mineral-inspired names for black dogs:

  • Onyx: A beautiful black gemstone.
  • Jet: A type of lignite that has been used as a gemstone. It has an intense black color.
  • Obsidian: A naturally occurring volcanic glass that is usually black.
  • Hematite: A metallic, black, and silvery mineral.
  • Graphite: A mineral that’s typically dark gray to black.
  • Galena: A dark gray mineral and the primary ore of lead.
  • Shungite: A black, lustrous mineral.
  • Schorl: A black variety of tourmaline.
  • Spinel: While it comes in many colors, black spinel is quite striking.
  • Cassiterite: A tin ore that can be black in color.
  • Tektite: Natural glass rocks that form during meteorite impacts, often dark in color.
  • Apache Tear: A form of obsidian that’s usually dark black.
  • Smoky Quartz: A variety of quartz that ranges from almost completely clear to a dark gray, almost black color.
  • Black Diamond: A rare color of diamond.
  • Black Pearl: While not a gemstone or a mineral, black pearls are beautiful and valuable.
  • Black Opal: One of the most desirable opals, featuring a dark body tone.
  • Black Sapphire: Known for its dark, rich blue color, it can appear almost black.
  • Aegirine: A sodium iron silicate that forms as black prismatic crystals.
  • Psilomelane: A group of manganese oxides that are often dark gray or black.
  • Melanite: A black variety of andradite and part of the garnet group.

These names are perfect for black dogs as they reflect their dark and beautiful coat.

Dog Names that Mean ‘Black’ in Different Languages

Here are 20 dog names that mean ‘black’ in various languages:

  1. Musta (Finnish)
  2. Svart (Swedish)
  3. Negro (Spanish)
  4. Schwarz (German)
  5. Preto (Portuguese)
  6. Noir (French)
  7. Kuro (Japanese)
  8. Nero (Italian)
  9. Czarny (Polish)
  10. Dubh (Scottish Gaelic)
  11. Mavros (Greek)
  12. Zwart (Dutch)
  13. Sort (Danish)
  14. Chyornyy (Russian)
  15. Siyah (Turkish)
  16. Hēi (Mandarin Chinese)
  17. Fekete (Hungarian)
  18. Čierna (Slovak)
  19. Maavu (Tamil)
  20. Kaalaa (Hindi)

Remember to consider how easy the name is to say and whether it feels comfortable and suitable for your dog. Choosing a name that’s easily understandable to others in your country can also be helpful.

Historical and Mythical Black Dog Names

Here are 20 historical and mythical names for black dogs:

  • Anubis: Ancient Egyptian god with the head of a jackal, often associated with the afterlife.
  • Hecate: Greek goddess of magic often accompanied by dogs.
  • Fenrir: A monstrous wolf in Norse mythology.
  • Cerberus: The three-headed dog that guards the underworld in Greek mythology.
  • Barghest: A mythical monstrous black dog from English folklore.
  • Mordred: A treacherous knight from Arthurian legend.
  • Medusa: A monster with snakes for hair in Greek mythology, known for her deadly gaze.
  • Orpheus: A legendary musician and poet in Greek mythology who made a perilous journey into the underworld.
  • Baba Yaga: A supernatural being from Slavic folklore who flies around on a giant mortar, wields a pestle, and lives deep in the forest.
  • Loki: A trickster god from Norse mythology, known for his shape-shifting.
  • Osiris: The ancient Egyptian god of the underworld, often depicted with black skin.
  • Kali: Hindu goddess of destruction, often depicted with black skin.
  • Zephyr: The Greek god of the west wind, known for bringing darkness as the sun sets.
  • Morrigan: A goddess from Irish mythology often associated with war and fate.
  • Styx: A river in Greek mythology that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld.
  • Scylla: A monstrous sea goddess in Greek mythology.
  • Samhain: A Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, associated with darkness and the spirit world.
  • Poe: After Edgar Allan Poe, the American writer known for his dark and haunting tales.
  • Grendel: The monster from the Old English epic poem Beowulf.
  • Mara: A demon in Buddhist mythology that personifies evil and temptation.

These names are steeped in history and mythology and carry dark or black associations, making them unique choices for a black dog.

Elegant Names for Black Dogs

  • Duchess: For a ladylike and refined pup.
  • Ambassador: For a dog with a diplomatic and dignified demeanor.
  • Elysium: After the ancient Greek concept of the afterlife, a place of perfect happiness.
  • Chandelier: Connotes sparkle, glamour, and high class.
  • Caviar: This luxurious food item signifies refinement.
  • Minuit: French for ‘midnight,’ a time of day often associated with elegance and mystery.
  • Windsor: After the royal house of Windsor, representing regality and nobility.
  • Monarch: A name fit for a dog of regal bearing and majesty.
  • Vogue: For a fashionable and stylish pup, just like the famed magazine.
  • Cabernet: A full-bodied, rich wine that can have a deep, dark color.
  • Solitaire: As in the diamond setting, suggests elegance and high value.
  • Sable: A small mammal known for its dark, luxurious fur.
  • Baroness: A title of nobility, suitable for a sophisticated lady.
  • Harp: An elegant musical instrument, perfect for a harmonious pet.
  • Opera: For a dog with a flair for the dramatic and a love of the arts.
  • Atramentous: An uncommon word meaning ‘as black as ink’ for the dog with a deep black coat.
  • Domino: A game piece that’s half black, half white. It’s also the name of a style of mask often worn at masquerade balls.
  • Taffeta: A crisp, smooth fabric often used in formal wear.
  • Count: As in a European nobleman, great for a dignified dog.
  • Silhouette: This term for an outline filled in with black is quite elegant and fitting for a black dog.

Each of these names can be suitable for a black dog with a sense of elegance, nobility, or refinement.

Adventurous Names for Black Dogs

  • Voyager: For the dog who loves long journeys and exploration.
  • Pioneer: A perfect name for a trailblazing pup.
  • Expedition: For a dog that’s always ready for the next adventure.
  • Navigator: Ideal for a dog that leads the way on hikes or walks.
  • Gallivant: A fun name for a dog who loves to go places.
  • Odyssey: An epic journey, from the ancient Greek epic.
  • Quest: For the dog that’s always on a mission.
  • Trek: A great name for a dog that enjoys long walks or hikes.
  • Sojourner: For a dog that loves to be a temporary resident everywhere he goes.
  • Nomad: Perfect for a dog that never stays in one place for long.
  • Journey: A meaningful name for a dog who loves to roam.
  • Wander: For the pup who loves to explore.
  • Rambler: For a dog that loves to walk and explore the world.
  • Rover: The name of many exploration vehicles and a classic dog name.
  • Pathfinder: Ideal for a dog who loves to lead the way.
  • Jaunt: For a dog that loves short excursions.
  • Outrider: For a dog that loves to be ahead of the pack.
  • Venture: For a dog who loves to take risks and try new things.
  • Wayfarer: An old-fashioned term for a traveler.
  • Excursion: A fun, adventurous outing – just like your pup’s spirit.

Each of these names embodies the spirit of adventure and can be suitable for a black dog who loves to explore.

Exotic Black Dog Names

  • Zeru: Meaning ‘black’ in Basque language.
  • Leilani: A beautiful Hawaiian name meaning ‘heavenly flowers’.
  • Sable: French for ‘sand’, also a term for black fur in certain animals.
  • Orpheus: A character from Greek mythology, said to be a great musician.
  • Zephyr: In Greek mythology, Zephyr was the personification of the west wind.
  • Arunika: An exotic Indian name meaning ‘early morning sunlight’.
  • Nyx: The Greek goddess of the night.
  • Erebus: In Greek mythology, the embodiment of darkness.
  • Kuro: Meaning ‘black’ in Japanese.
  • Akela: Means ‘noble’ in Hawaiian, and also the name of the leader of the wolf pack in Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”.
  • Ombra: Meaning ‘shadow’ in Italian.
  • Mörk: Meaning ‘dark’ in Swedish.
  • Zillah: A Hebrew name meaning ‘shadow’.
  • Fekete: Meaning ‘black’ in Hungarian.
  • Isra: An Arabic name meaning ‘night journey’.
  • Chogan: Native American for ‘blackbird’.
  • Melaina: An ancient Greek name meaning ‘black, dark’.
  • Kekoa: A Hawaiian name meaning ‘the warrior’.
  • Svartur: Meaning ‘black’ in Icelandic.
  • Abnus: A Persian name meaning ‘ebony’.

These exotic names all have unique meanings and origins that could perfectly suit a black dog.

Mysterious Names for Black Dogs

  • Enigma: An unsolvable riddle or mystery.
  • Noir: French for ‘black,’ also associated with a genre of crime fiction.
  • Mystique: Means mysterious and excitingly different.
  • Cipher: A secret or disguised way of writing; a code.
  • Sphinx: A mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human; known for their riddles.
  • Veil: A piece of fabric worn to conceal the face, adds a sense of mystery.
  • Eclipse: An event that darkens the sun or moon, adding a sense of mystery and awe.
  • Shadow: Something that is always there but never fully seen, mysterious and elusive.
  • Cloak: Something that covers or conceals, often used in mystery stories.
  • Riddle: A puzzling question, statement, or problem.
  • Masquerade: A party at which people wear masks to conceal their identities, contributing to a mysterious atmosphere.
  • Incognito: Having one’s true identity concealed.
  • Alchemy: An ancient branch of natural philosophy, a philosophical and protoscientific tradition that aims to transform base metals into noble metals.
  • Secret: Something kept hidden from others.
  • Vesper: The evening star, a time of day often associated with mystery.
  • Puzzle: A game, toy, or problem that requires ingenuity to solve.
  • Labyrinth: A complex network of pathways; something highly intricate or convoluted.
  • Occult: Beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding.
  • Grimoire: A book of magic spells and invocations.
  • Cabala (or Kabbalah): Jewish mysticism, adding a sense of deep mystery.

Each of these names embodies an aspect of mystery or intrigue, making them interesting options for a black dog with a mysterious aura.

Funny Names for Black Dogs

  • Bark Twain: A play on the famous author Mark Twain.
  • Sir Waggington: For the noble dog who has a humorous side.
  • Barkimedes: Inspired by Archimedes, the Greek mathematician, perfect for a dog who’s a thinker.
  • Chewbacca: For Star Wars fans, this Wookie name is a fun choice.
  • Wuffle: A mix between wag and snuffle, perfect for any dog that makes you laugh.
  • Doggie Howlser: A twist on the popular TV character, Doogie Howser.
  • Bark Griswold: For fans of National Lampoon’s Vacation movies.
  • Fleas Witherspoon: A play on the name of actress Reese Witherspoon.
  • Woofgang Pup: Inspired by the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Sniffy Longdroppings: A twist on the actor Sniffy Longstockings.
  • Bark Vader: A twist on Darth Vader, perfect for Star Wars fans.
  • Snarls Barkley: A play on the name of singer CeeLo Green’s music project, Gnarls Barkley.
  • Woof Bader Ginsburg: A twist on the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name.
  • Growler Pawltro: A fun take on the name of actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Mutt Romney: A funny name for fans of political humor, based on politician Mitt Romney.
  • Salvador Dogi: Inspired by the painter Salvador Dali.
  • J.K. Growling: A twist on the name of the author J.K. Rowling.
  • Bark Ruffalo: A playful spin on actor Mark Ruffalo’s name.
  • Howly Mandel: A twist on the name of comedian and TV host Howie Mandel.
  • Biscuit Bonaparte: A playful, food-inspired twist on Napoleon Bonaparte’s name.

Each of these names brings a touch of humor and light-hearted fun, perfect for a black dog with a playful and jovial personality.

Overall, there are plenty of cool and unique black dog names to choose from. Whether you want a name that references the color black or something that is more creative and playful, there is sure to be a name that suits your furry friend.